We help organisations adopt Cloud Computing.  

At our very core we have the goal of delivering solutions to enable technological and business transformation.

We understand that the efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness of public cloud means that it is an invaluable business enabler in any business or digital transformation.

Many companies fall into the trap of treating cloud technologies like they would a traditional on premise environment and fail to change their business and IT processes to suit. This in turn can lead to the loss of the promised benefits of cloud technologies.  

It all starts with a Cloud Readiness Assessment

The Startsmart Cloud Readiness Assessment helps  you make the shift to cloud computing a successful experience.

At the end of the assessment process, you will receive a cloud adoption roadmap for the target processes and a high-level benefits assessment report.

An understanding of how to align a cloud computing strategy with on premise resources and assets as well as the overall business and technology strategy.

Our consultancy and implementation services help organisations of all sizes accelerate their journey to cloud innovation and avoid the pitfalls. We have a staged process of cloud adoption and different clients can start at different phases of the process.

The full Life cycle can be found here: