Startsmart are proud to have provided consultancy and resources for cloud projects around the world since 2013.

Here is a list of our major projects:


2017 -Present

Cloud Automation Services to a Pharmaceutical Company, USA - AWS

  • This project involved streamlining the automation pipeline leveraging AD Federation, Security and Compliance Management.

Technologies used: Terraform, Vault, Consul, Chef, Artifactory, Git.


Cloud Automation Services to a Bank, London, UK - AWS

  • This project built an analytics platform that comprises of a sandbox, non-production and production environments all using automation tooling.
  • The provision of compliance and security management systems.

Technologies used:  Dome 9, Trend Micro, AWS KMS, SumoLogic, Terraform, Chef, Artifactory, Jenkins and Git.

Cloud Architecture Services to a Bank, New York, USA - AWS

  • This project implemented a minimum viable cloud infrastructure prior to a data centre migration.
  • Also implemented - snapshots and monitoring.
  • End user training, so that the client can successfully build upon the technologies implemented.

Technologies used: AD federation, Terraform, AWS Lambda, SumoLogic, AWS Cloudtrail. 



  • This project extended the organisations data centre into the cloud and provided resilience for a hybrid environment.

Technologies used: Lambda, Cloudformation, Cloudbacko, AWSTape Gateway.


Cloud Architecture services to a Bank, Boston – USA - GOOGLE CLOUD/ AWS

  • This project deployed a proof of concept using the Google Cloud Platform to showcase Chef Automation Server capabilities in managing Deployment, OS, Patching and Logging functionality on infrastructure.

Technologies used: ELK stack (logging), MySQL, AWS Elasticsearch, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, Environment Templates, Web Application firewalls, AWS HSM, RHEL,


Cloud Architecture services to a technology Company, Mountain View – USA - azure

  • This project created an architectural framework that allowed the IT services department to provide core services to their associated business units while allowing the business units to manage their own accounts.

Technologies used: Azure ExpressRoute, Oracle, Tibco, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, WAF, Azure Security Centre, Azure Powershell.


Cloud Automation services to a Bank, Boston – USA - IBM SOFTLAYER

  • This project implemented automation for the evaluation of Chef within an existing Softlayer hosting platform. 

Technologies used: IBM Softlayer, Chef, ELK, Oracle


Cloud Architecture services for a major technology manufacturer/ vendor, Houston– USA - AWS/ AZURE


  • This project implemented a dual vendor minimum viable cloud environments for the impending migration out of some data centers.
  • Network segmentation, logging, cost management tools.

Technologies used: Azure Powershell, AWS Cloudformation, AWS Lambda, Azure Security Center, Java and Python Scripting, Barracuda Security Devices.


Cloud Architecture services for a big data and cloud consultancy - London, UK - AWS

  • This project was to assist with multiple cloud implementation projects including setting roadmaps for cloud on-boarding, creating destination architectures on AWS, selecting appropriate toolsets and application stacks, assisting with vendor selection, implementing cost management. 

Technologies used: Puppet, Maven, Cloudformation, Cloudyn.


Cloud Architecture services to an accountancy firm, London, UK - AZURE

  • This project was to design an application migration process from managed service to the Azure cloud, architecting the application landscape and associated security posture, setting roadmaps for application migration, creating the destination architecture, selecting third party toolsets and cost management. 

Technologies used: Puppet, Barracuda security devices, Jenkins, Cloudyn, Azure Security Portal and Key Management Service.


Big Data Platform Architecture services to a Government Department, London UK

  • This project provided a technical steer on the upgrade and management of a Hortonworks Big Data Platform that formed part of a major project within the department including implementing platform stability and a zero downtime architecture. 

Technologies used: Puppet, Maven, Hortonworks HDP 2.3, Apache Ambari, Storm, Zookeeper, Kafka, Ranger, Yarn, HBase and Ambari Metrics and VMware VCloud Director.


Cloud POC, Utility Company, London UK - AWS/ AZURE

  • This project was to develop a minimum viable product to highlight and demonstrate the potential use of a dual vendor cloud platform by extending the managed hosted environment into those environments via VPN.
  • Apply a security model to all environments; federate active directory, automate server roll out and ultimately demonstrate billing and savings metrics with billing tools.

Technologies used: Puppet, Chef and Dell Cloud Manager, F5 , Barracuda, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Active Directory federation,   AWS-Config, AWS-Cloudtrail, AWS S3, EBS Storage, SAP Dev, Test and Production environments


Cloud Architecture Services, Accountancy firm, London UK  - AWS/ AZURE

  • This project was to design, implement and refine an AWS Infrastructure that was created to solely host auditing and tax software for the customer's clients. Single sign on was required throughout a secure segregated infrastructure.

Technologies used: Puppet, Foreman, Chef, F5, AWS ELB, Crypto Auditor, Hadoop Big Data (Horton-works), MySQL and MS SQL, RHEL and Windows Servers.

Cloud Architecture Services, Bank, Cape Town, South Africa

  • This work was based around the formulation of longer term IT infrastructure strategies including local and wide area fixed and wireless networks, storage, virtual servers, fixed and mobile computing appliances and devices.

Technologies used: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM technologies.


Cloud Development Services, Cloud Provider/ Vendor, Cape Town, South Africa - AWS

This work was all about liaison with the cloud vendor development department to resolve and implement the provisioning of cloud infrastructure services worldwide.