Improve the all round availability, compliance and security of your applications.

Why use the cloud as your Data-Protection Platform?

The cloud can be a secure, high-performance, flexible, cost effective and easy-to-use cloud computing platform. There are many advantages to using the cloud as part of your data protection strategy:

  • Durability - Major cloud platforms offer reliable locations for backup data in the EU region and these are replicated across data centres.
  • Security - Major cloud platforms provide a number of options for access control and encrypting data in transit and at rest.
  • Global infrastructure - Major cloud platforms are available around the world so you can back up and store data in the region that is most suited to your compliance requirements.
  • Scalability - With the cloud you don’t have to worry about capacity. You can scale your consumption up or down as your needs change without administrative overhead.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing - Purchase cloud services as you need them and only for the period you plan to use them. .


Startsmart can show you how to use the cloud very simply and quickly to enhance your Backup, Storage and Archiving capabilities.

  • In house IT systems can be used to extend your backup and recovery capabilities by leveraging cloud storage.
  • Data can be archived at very low cost for long-term retention and protection against malware, ransomware and for compliance reasons.
  • Existing backup software can be used for familiarity or new simple systems can be implemented for smaller scenarios.


The path to resilience can be rocky. Startsmart can show you how servers can be regularly imaged and backed up and these images can stored in the cloud for resilience purposes. 

  • Spin up a "pilot light" environment that can serve users in the event of an on premise failure.
  • This can be further extended to provide a mirrored set of servers to an current on premise deployment.
  • Mirroring can include more complex applications than simple file storage or server images such as redundant databases or database replicas.



Startsmart can show you how to open the door to start using cloud services for automated backup and snapshotting to extend your capacity into the cloud from your on premise environment.

  • As you grow into the cloud the management and deployment can be done via automation tooling.
  • Administrative tasks such as log monitoring, snapshots, and compliance checks can all be handled via automation tools.
  • This frees up your teams to get on with innovating on the platform.