How we helped them take their backup and recovery to the cloud.

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centre for young musiciansSince 1970, talented young musicians have come to London’s Centre for Young Musicians’ Saturday centre for high quality, progressive music training. CYM is focused on providing training in an inclusive, vibrant and stimulating environment.

As the growing demand on IT systems and storage grows the Centre decided to stop investing in on-premise IT and look to Amazon Web Services to help with the ever-growing backup cycles, and at the same time compliment their disaster recovery plans.

challengeCYM had a number of growing issues that we looked to help with:

1. Ever-growing backup windows.

2. Ever-growing demand for storage.

3. Growing requirement for extra backup hardware and licences.

4. Complex disaster recovery arrangements and associated costs.

solutionBy leveraging the scalability and flexibility of Amazon S3 and the genius of Cloudbacko software we were able to back servers up directly into the cloud.

This means there is no delay in the backup window as each backup job can run its own session onto the cloud and does not rely on another to finish.

As Amazon S3 is highly available it compliments the disaster recovery plans of CYM, allowing for quick restore of server images and associated data.

benefitsLess expenditure on hardware and licences

Because the backup software runs natively on the server it backs up and exports the image directly on Amazon S3, meaning the requirement for a backup server, tapes and licensed software is negated.

Independent Backup Windows

There are no more roadblocks when it comes to backup windows, each back up session runs independently and backs up straight to the cloud.

Fits in with BCP and DR planning

Resilient and highly available, Amazon S3 stores all machine images and data sets, therefore it poses as the off-site data store when added to the business continuity planning and disaster recovery scenario planning.