Dec 18, 2017

GDPR Awareness Training

Pleased to announce we are now running a 1 day workshop on GDPR and it's implications, further to that how moving to the Cloud can help you meet these regulatory requirements and maintain them.

From our trainer:

"GDPR – The General Data Protection Legislation – comes into force on 25 May 2018.
The regulation itself consists of 99 articles and like any piece of legislation can be confusing. The point of the workshop is not to educate on the entirety of the law, but instead to focus on the need to protect the security of personal data, which falls under the most severe set of proposed fines. This will be presented in a plain language format to aid understanding together with practical advice."

Topics covered:

  • Background and Context

  • Enforcement Powers

  • Core Elements of Reform

  • Effect of a Breach

  • How to Comply

  • GDPR Principles

  • The Meaning of Personal Data

  • Right of Access to Data

  • An Individual's Rights

  • New Requirements of GDPR

  • Typical Queries re GDPR

  • Practical Steps to Mitigate Risk

  • Using the Cloud to comply and manage ongoing compliance

Here is what the major Cloud Vendors are doing in regards GDPR





If you are interested in on-site training the minimum requirement is 4 and a maximum of 8 delegates to aid the fluid flow of the workshop - Pricing upon request so please get in touch using the form below - please state group size and location and we'll be in touch!

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Jerome Wagner

Posted by Jerome Wagner

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